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Welcome Fellow Chocolate Chip Cookie Enthusiasts to The Cookie Degree! 


We are thrilled to have you here to embark on our journey to try as many chocolate chip cookies as possible (and, let’s face it, some bonus tastes of non-chocolate chip cookies because we can’t help ourselves). 


Your tasters are Mark and Dorothy and we currently reside in North Carolina, but our roots started in New Jersey. We both share a love of yummy sweets, especially a good chocolate chip cookie! However, when we aren’t tasting cookies you can find us playing video games with friends, watching movies, outdoors, or relaxing on a beach while traveling. 


Our travel planning always includes seeking out the yummy spots in the area we are visiting, so we decided to bring you this blog to share our thoughts on the good, and the bad, cookies that we are able to experience along the way. We hope that you enjoy our bites and are excited that you are joining us on this tasting adventure!

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